• Civil-Unrest

    Learn how over population, the depletion of natural resources, deterioration of global health, a coming economic depression, and worldwide famine is creating global chaos and eventual martial law.

  • Future-Maps

    The geophysical landscape of planet Earth is about to change. If historic events are repeating themselves, then here are some representations of what those changes may look like.

  • Cosmic-Event

    Read about the various cosmic theories including: SuperWave, Plasma Ribbon, Sun’s heliosphere, PlanetX or Niburu, and the coming alignment between the celestial and galactic equators.v

  • Acceleration

    Find out what’s behind the conscious acceleration that everyone’s talking about. Watch the video that provides a detailed understanding of how and why this is happening.

  • Preperation

    Create a survival or sustainable shelter with help from a blueprint on community lifestyle and architectural design. Learn from those who have paved the way for the rest of us.

  • Safe Location

    Find out how to determine if your survival or sustainable location is safe for the coming events. Read about the considerations from fire, water, elevation, volcanoes, people, and much more.

  • Geophysical

    Review the science from past, present, and future geophysical events including: the next ice age, magnetic and geographic pole shifts, changes in the Earth’s crust, extreme heat from the Sun,


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Timeline To The Future

Through 20 years of research, Ivan Stein has created a detailed understanding of the timeline of events leading up to these these historic times. These events include: economic depression, world war III, food & water shortage, martial law, exponential conscious evolution, earth changes, geophysical and magnetic pole shift, passing galactic equator, and entering a new ice age.


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Community Groups
Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the purpose for the Community Groups on the FaceBook2012 website?
    Community groups have multiple purposes, but the bottom line is that they are about community and sharing information and ideas. Right now, many of the people who believe in the coming changes and events are often feeling isolated from their friends, family, and society at large. They may believe something is coming, but often have no one to talk to on a personal level and usually not someone who lives in their general area. The internet provides the opportunity for these people to connect with other like-minded individuals. The website community groups enable people to connect with those who may live in their town, city, state, or country. These are people who are coming together to share in a common vision of community, preparation, and sustainability. For many, the online community group is the next and possible essential step towards a physical community. Some of these groups are simply sharing ideas about what’s coming, safe locations, and preparation. Others have already started a community development and are attracting people who want to participate. Read more…

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  • What are the requirements for creating a new community group?
    The requirements to create a group are quite simple. Timeline To The Future and FaceBook2012 asks that all groups be sincere with the integrity and purpose for which this website has been created. In other words, if we find your community has been created to joke about the coming events or about others on the website, your community will be deleted and the user will be banned. The only other requirement is that your community title includes your base of operation. This does not have to be where you intend on creating your physical community, but rather where you live at the moment. These communities are meant to connect people who may live within a driving or telephone radius. Once you’ve created the community, you can setup online or physical meetings, post ideas, plans, photos, and even directions to your development project. From that point, it’s pretty much open. All we ask is that you take this opportunity seriously and only create a community group if you intend on being proactive to help those who join your community. Read more…

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  • Can the information posted within the community group be set to private?
    Yes, there is an option to set your community to private! FaceBook2012 is a social network where people are encouraged to express their opinions and beliefs for the benefit of others. As such, we respect the privacy of our members and hope that our members respect the opportunity to participate on the website. If your community is set to private, only the moderators and approved members can access the community postings. If the community is set to public then all information can be accessed by guests and members. When creating a community, a general description about the community must be entered which is open to public viewing as part of the community’s general listing on the website? The FaceBook2012 moderators will only access a community if the community is reported to our abuse department. Other than that, Timeline To The Future and FaceBook2012 hopes that each community evolves into something meaningful and constructive.

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  • Can I join any or multiple community groups?
    Yes, except that membership in some community groups may be set to pre-approval. If a group is set to private, there are two ways to request to become a community member. One is to be invited and the other is to request to join, however, only the creator of the community can approve your membership. Approval is at the sole discretion of the community creator. There are reasons why joining multiple communities might make sense including: they may be located in your regional area, you may be considering relocating to another area, you may have friends or acquaintances that are already members of the community, or you may be investigating whether a community harmonized with your conscious and physical preparations. One suggestion might be to keep focused and don’t spread yourself too thin by being involved in too many communities simultaneously. Another suggestion is to request the community creator remove you from their community if you decide it is not for you. This will help the group creator maintain a cohesive community.

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